"Improve the quality of your life fast... by transforming the quality of your thoughts and actions."

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MELBOURNE 13-14 & 16-17 JULY 2022

Have you ever wondered how successful people actually become 'successful'? You know EXACTLY who I'm talking about...
They seem to be always smiling. They are surrounded by great friends. They seem to have their dream job, amazing relationships and live in the best house on the best street. Who are these people?! I used to wonder why success alluded me...

But if so many people seem to meet with incredible success, overcoming their obstacles and coming out on top, then I must be able to too, right?

Well, what if it was as simple as changing your mindset? What if these people had simple decided to rewrite their stories to create one that suited them better? What if they had decided they were going to take charge of their life and actually be the creator of their destiny rather than a passenger on the bus?

Hi, my name is Cherry! This is me in the photo below just after I completed the highest level of training as a Master Trainer in Australia (and being one of the only females to do so!). 

But for a very long time I wondered why I seemed to be getting served up the same uninspiring results everyday even though I worked hard. 

The harder I work the more frustrated I became, and the angrier I got! Sound familiar??

If you're like 99% of people in this world, you probably feel like you're working hard to get nowhere and wondering if anything will ever change. Perhaps your life is not the terrible, but you know that there is so much more you dream of having, doing, and being.

You might even have decided to give up a few times and just accept what you have, even though it is less than what you dream about...

>> I'm here to tell you that you can change your life, any day you choose! <<

I've managed to build a successful business helping hundreds of people transform their lives, I am a best selling author, one of Australia's only stage comedy hypnotist, travelled internationally and recently bought my dream property! All in just a few years. 

Step out from being a passenger on the bus of life and become the driver! I want to show you how you can release your limitations, those things that keep you stuck, master your mindset and reach levels of success you have only dreamed about!

You don't need extensive counselling, because I've boiled down the very best of my 10+ years of professional mindset training into a simple, step-by-step 2-day seminar...

I'm inviting you to join our next Master Your Mindset & Release Your Limitations

By diving deeper into what could be preventing your growth, personally and professionally, you can amplify your ability to bring out your best self and gain greater fulfilment in your life.

2 Day Live Workshops 2022

Port Lincoln 14-15 May
Adelaide 1st - 2nd June
Melbourne 13-14 July
Melbourne 16-17 July
Virtual 9-10 August

As a result of attending this 2 day workshop, you will:

> Have a clearly defined plan of action and steps to take to achieve your goals.

> Experience increased confidence and inner peace

> Leave feeling focused, motivated and ready to take ACTION!

Here's What Specific Changes May Occur...

  • Increased focus and clarity
  • More positive state and more feelings of gratitude
  • Greatly improved communication
  • ​Job promotion, career change or increased sales in business
  • ​Improved relationships with coworkers / family
  • ​Goals achieved easily in a short space of time
  • And so much more...
"Even though I struggled with the concept initially, the Timeline Therapy sessions were very beneficial. The thing I liked most was how positive the seminar was. It was a safe environment and the benefits can begin immediately – its up to me! I had heard about the seminar from several people and due to my changing life situation I decided to attend. I am now very positive about my future." - Peter R 

Here's Everything You'll Get...

✅ 2-day Training In-Person With Master NLP Trainer, Cherry Farrow

Including a workbook to action everything you are learning and experiencing and morning tea for both days provided. ($1000 Value)

✅ VIP Access (free) for 1 Month to our newly developed Online Training Platform when we launch in 2022

This will be a game-changer for you - free on demand trainings to continue your learning when we launch early next year ($97 Value)

✅ Private Access to a NLP Facebook Group for Ongoing Support

You'll be invited to join our Facebook Support Group where we post valuable content & you are able to connect with other like-minded people on their own success journey.


Book your seat today as they are limited due to current restrictions.

In this transformational training you will learn the basic building blocks of NLP to assist you to release what is limiting you to be able to move forward on the trajectory needed to be living up to your full potential.

Most people say they wish they had learnt this stuff a LONG time ago. Why wait?

Whether you are in a bit of a slump, not fulfilling your goals, just need a boost or are actually looking for a career change then this is the simple, short, fast tracked training for you to start to move towards what you really want to be doing or how you want to be feeling in life.


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Port Lincoln 14-15 May
Adelaide 1st - 2nd June
Melbourne 13-14 July
Melbourne 16-17 July
Virtual 9-10 August

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My 'Release' Guarantee

I know you are going to absolutely love all the changes you will experience after releasing your limitations and learning how to master your mindset! In fact, if you don't love the 2 day workshop with me, let me know before the second day and I'll refund you every dollar you paid.
"This seminar showed me how to master my state and be at cause. It was interactive, fun, informed, showed lots of examples and I used myself as example too, plus lots of exercises. It is great for self development, goal setting and releasing limited beliefs." - Amy